Changing the PDF rendered margins

Previously the margins on the PDF output were defined by settings that could not be manipulated. It is now possible to specify the margins for your PDF transformation in the User Interface. This gives you more freedom to design your own invoice.

Bug fixes

Moving a purchase to a different customer

When moving a purchase from Customer A to Customer B the purchase was not removed from the invoice of Customer A. Now when you “move” a purchase from one customer to another, all invoices are updated.


Rule filter

We have added a new filter option for the price rules: “Include Parents”. This new filter now allows you to find all price rules that are applied to a product/customer cluster and its parent clusters. Effectively showing you the “path” a purchase will travel through the price plan.


Editing completed purchases

It was possible to edit a completed purchase through the API. After the API edit of the purchase it would also become possible to edit the purchase through the User Interface. This should not be possible. A completed purchase can now no longer be edited/updated through the API.


Correct imported dates

The GetPurchases API call would return an incorrect imported date. This has been fixed; the imported date that is returned is now the actual imported date of the purchase.


Adding widgets

Adding a widget to your dashboard while your session has expired would give you the error message that adding the widget was impossible. No reason was given why this was impossible. Now when trying to add a widget while your session has expired a login box will appear with the message that your session has expired and you need to login to continue.