Customer Cockpit

The customer cockpit offers a new “at-a-glance” view on a customer. It allows for better searching through customers and displays all relevant information on a single screen. Furthermore, it allows more detailed analysis on the way the customer’s invoice is structured. Allowing to drill down from the highest level all the way down to the specific rules and purchases underlying the invoice.


EC2 Connector

The EC2 connector is the second of a set of connectors (the first was the VMware connector) we will be introducing to allow easy integration with external systems. In this case, Amazon’s EC2. The connector can be configured to extract all information about your EC2 instance, create purchases based on their uptime and associate these purchases with the configured customers.



Bug fixes

API: uploadCustomer - IsBillingSuspended has no effect

Setting IsBillingSuspended in the API call uploadCustomers has no effect. Neither on an update nor on a creation.

This has been resolved.


Select all invoices taking a long time

Selecting all invoices on the view invoices screen takes a long time when many invoices are present.

This has been resolved.


Some transformation results have status error and some complete

When invoices are recalculated for whatever reason. The PDF transformation for that invoice becomes outdated and should be updated. However due to a timing issue, CB tries to transform invoices that do not have status invoiced ok. And thus the invoice transformation returns an error. This leads to a list of transformation results that is mixed with error and complete statuses. This should of course be a list of transformations all with status complete.

This has been resolved.


Box "Working" does not always show

When for instance in screen View Invoices and clicking in pagination on a specific page #, the "Working" box only shortly shows, but disappears right away, although the loading of the new page is still in progress. A user might think the system is not responding, not knowing it is still "working".

The Working indicator now displays consistently while the system is performing tasks.


Adding Environment Images with same name - only latest is visible on the list

Adding Environment images does not notify a user that they are creating an environment image that exists already. Instead it shows latest added.

This has been resolved.