CSO Search Settings - add defaults to Global Settings

The CSO screen allows you to search for customers based on many different criteria. You can now select the criteria the search function takes into account in the Global Settings page.


Meta-Data searching in Customer Cockpit

It is now possible to search for customers based on metadata properties. You can search for strings and numbers.



The navigation has been improved on different levels. A ‘Save and Return’ button has been added to multiple pages. The ‘Save’ button now saves and remains on the current screen. The ‘back to list’ button returns to the previous page you have visited, remembering the status of that page.


Prevent unnecessary Recalculation on Rule/Cluster Updates

We have made some changes in the logic behind editing clusters or pricing rules. Changes that don’t affect billing results will not result in rejected invoices which have to be recalculated.


Order of rules changed

The order in which price rules are applied was determined in the following way. The product cluster structure was leading, working our way up the tree. Then the Customer Cluster structure is considered, following the tree downwards. Lastly the price rule sequence number was used when two price rules were applied on the same cluster combination. In some situations, this would lead to incorrect results. We have changed the priority in the following manner: The product cluster structure is still leading; the price rule sequence is now considered before the Customer Cluster structure. This gives us more control over the order in which price rules are applied.


Adding component based pricing

In the past when two (or more) price rules were applied on the same product and customer cluster combination only one rule would be applied. Now you can define multiple prices on a single product cluster for the same customer cluster. This allows you to apply component based pricing if desired.

Bug fixes

Customer Cockpit – Focus on working box

When searching, during typing, it causes missing letters and backspace interpretation as back (browser history). This has been resolved.


Customer Cockpit – Overlapping

On the CSO screen, when scrolling down on an invoice, the top month-selectors snap to the top and scroll with the screen. However, when scrolled down and opening a menu, the menu appears behind these boxes. This has been resolved. The menu drop-down boxes are now always displayed on top.


Customer Cockpit – Time Zone

Last calculated time in the header part of an invoice did not consider the time zone. This has been resolved.


Downloading e-mail templates gives an empty file

When attempting to download an existing e-mail template an empty file is returned instead. This has been resolved.


Order of Product and Customer Clusters

The list of product clusters left of the graph is now ordered based on the tag name of the clusters.


Customer Clusters - Two Parent Clusters, uppercase / lowercase Tag Name

When you have two clusters with identical names but differed in the use of upper case and lower case characters and add a new cluster with one of those clusters as a parent. The end result would be that both clusters will be considered as the parent. This has been resolved.


Override price rule functionality

The override price rule functionality was not working. We have fixed this issue and it is working again.


Recurring purchase

In certain situations, the first period of a recurring purchase was not placed on an invoice correctly. This has been fixed.


Partial reset

A partial reset due to a new purchase would sometimes lead to double entries on an invoice. This has been fixed.