Here you can find attached the release notes of CloudBilling V1.9.5.

Released on 24 January 2018.


• Multi-Environment

    We can now link multiple environments to a single user account. This will allow you to loginonce and access all your environments.

• Auto-approving transformations

    Transformations (such as PDF’s and GL exports) will now be automatically approved once its source invoices have been approved.     This will help to prevent the transformations from regenerating once a new template is uploaded.

• Template validation improvements

    When a template is validated, we show more information about the errors that were found. We also show which parts of the         

    template failed validation.


• Additional customer languages

    Besides the ability to pick between Dutch and English, we've added several languages to choose from.

• Additional performance improvements 

    We made some improvements to speed up concurrent requests to the web server. This improves performance while using the     



• Previously it was impossible to remove metadata from either purchases or customers if the name of the metadata contained one or more spaces. This has been fixed.

• Previously when using different browser sizes, especially for smaller screen sizes, the CloudBilling menu items could become layered on top of each other. This "hamburger menu" has been fixed for smaller screens.

• Previously purchases created through the User Interface were incorrectly marked as "NotInvoiced" by default. This has been fixed.