There are differences in the data between the Microsoft CSP API and the invoice sent by Microsoft. We have come to the conclusion that we cannot rely on the data we import from Microsoft.

We are in contact with Microsoft about this issue, but for now we have to fall back to our fall back plan. This means that we are going to make the invoices in CloudBilling based on the csv’s you receive from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, this requires a small effort from your side.

Our fall back procedure 

  • Please send us the Microsoft csv when you receive it, using one of the options below:
  • We import the data from the csv and check this. After we have verified the data we will inform your that your invoice data is ready to process.  
    If we do encounter an unaccountable difference, we will contact you to sort things out.

We will keep on importing the data with the CSP API. Despite the differences this will give us a good indication of the development of the month.

Coming months, we will keep on checking the API data with the csv data. We will only let go of the fall back procedure when we see matching data in several months in a row. That’s why we would like to receive your Microsoft CSP csv file monthly in the upcoming months.