In the release of V1.9.7 a bug is fixed so that invoices without purchases (empty invoices) don’t remain in 'Pending' and 'Rejected' state anymore. This has been resolved and such invoices will now be invoiced

The fix of this bug can have an effect on the invoices you see in the ‘Ready to approve’ list. Due to the fix all empty invoices that were still ‘pending’ or ‘rejected’ are now recalculated. That’s why it could be that there are many more (old) invoices in the ‘Ready to approve’ list.

What should you do?

To clean up the ‘Ready to approve’ list all (old) empty invoices should be closed. Just make sure you don’t close any 0-invoices (invoices with purchases, but a total of 0,-). You might still want to approve and send these, for example if you want to show your customer you are giving them a 100% discount.

I don’t see extra invoices in the ‘Ready to approve’ list

If you have always tracked the pending or rejected invoices, you will not see any new entries in the list. You don’t have to do anything.

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