Here you can find the release notes of CloudBilling V1.10.0.

Released on 11 September 2018.

New features

  • Moved connectors over to new backend. This allows us to develop connectors in tandem with the CloudBilling software and reduces time to deploy new features.
  • Show a welcome page on first login, to help configure CloudBilling.


  • Ability to filter invoices on empty condition.
  • Ability to specify permissions with more detail.
  • Connector management pages have been restyled.
  • Various security improvements.


  • Resolved issue with batch deleting large amount of purchases.
  • Resolved issue with a pie-chart widget summing up to >100% in some situations.
  • Resolved issue with a pie-chart widget using incorrect colors.
  • Resolved issue with numeric metadata value 0 not showing.
  • Resolved issue where purchases without a product cluster would not be deleted.
  • Resolved issue where Excel import would only produce a single purchase.
  • Resolved issue with importing date metadata through Excel import.
  • Resolved issue where a purchase couldn't be saved after resolving validation errors.
  • Resolved issue where an invoice reference would sometimes not be validated when adding a purchase.
  • Resolved issue where saving a pricing rule would take a long time.
  • Resolved issue where company info form needed additional input before saving.
  • Resolved various UI issues.