Here you can find the release notes of CloudBilling V1.12.0-V1.13.0.

Released in the period from 23 April till 12 June 2019.

New features

  • Added the option to approve invoices through API.
  • Added the option to manage BundleTypes through the API.
  • Made it possible to do pro-ration on ad hoc invoices.


  • Background task processing mechanism was changed. This should generally offer shorter waiting times between requesting an action and this action being performed.
  • Improved a number of screens:
    • Messaging
    • Bundle Types
    • Custom Tables
  • Improved calculation performance.
  • Improved loading time of pricing rule screen in environments with a large amount of customer or product clusters.


  • Fixed issue with using custom tables in expressions.
  • Added missing regions for CSP connector
  • Added some additional metadata on CSP purchases