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Cloudnation has 4-5 support hours per month included.

Connectors: AWS, CSP

Person of contact

Template changes bij CloudNation

The CloudNation template uses a dictionary to convert AWS account numbers to account names, which are then pasted on their specification pages. This dictionary is updated by CloudNation weekly. They download the template from their environment, add items to the dictionary and upload it again. Whenever they notify us of changes, we should make sure our CloudNation Invoice template is updated also. To do this, follow this process:

  1. Pull in Fork/Rider.
  2. Check if no one else has a branch open for CloudNation. If so, ask them if you can make a change to the dictionary. If they answer affirmative, pull their branch, carry out steps 4-6 and push to the branch you pulled earlier. If no one has an open CloudNation branch proceed with step 3.
  3. Follow the documentation on how to make a branch (if needed).
  4. Download the CloudNation template from the environment and open it in a text file or an application like Sublime (so you don't have clashes with Rider).
  5. Go to the dictionary with the Tuple. Copy the entire tuple dictionary from the downloaded template, select the whole dictionary from "readonly dictionary" to where the dictionary is closed in the CloudBilling verision of the template and paste it.
  6. Go to our version of the template in Rider, select the whole dictionary and paste the new dictionary over it.
  7. To be certain, go to Code and click Reformat Code to make sure everything is formatted correctly
  8. Follow the documentation on how to push your changes and make a Pull Request.

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