CloudBilling now supports Microsoft NCE products to expand our functionality. This addition makes it easier, more efficient and less error-prone to invoice NCE products.

What has been changed?

As an addition to our functionality, the CloudBilling CSP connector now supports Microsoft NCE products.

How does this functionality work?

Microsoft NCE products are now supported by the CloudBilling CSP Connector thereby enabling the transfer of NCE usage information from Microsoft to CloubBilling. The connector retrieves the quantity, price and sum from Microsoft. This addition makes it easier to automate the billing of your customers on NCE products and will improve your organisation's processes making them more efficient and less error-prone.

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How can you start using this functionality?

This feature has been available since January 2022 and is ready to use in your environment. This functionality works the same as all our previous connectors and can be set up with the help of our operations team. If you require assistance with this please contact