(Keyboard) Shortcuts

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Written by Marc

Adding Hyperlinks

Select the text you want to hyperlink and press command+k to open the 'add hyperlink' pop-up. Paste the link and press enter to finish.

Opening the Web Inspector

Use Command+Option+I to open the Web Inspector in the Safari Browser.

Selecting uninterrupted character sequences

If you need to select a large string of text consisting of several parts, you can use option+ashift to select the text in parts. This is useful when selecting part of a lomng product name in CloudBilling, or selecting a token from the console when downloading price lists from the Partner Center. command+shift will select all text in the console and using only shift will take too long. This way you can skip trough the token quickly.  You can test it in this very text by double clicking a word and using option+shift to quickly select parts of the text.

Cut and paste files/folders on Mac

In Finder, you cannot use Command + X to cut a file or folder. However, there is a way to achieve the same result.

  1. Highlight the files you wish to "cut" (or move) in Finder or on the desktop.
  2. Press Command + C on the keyboard to copy the files you wish to move.
  3. Paste it into your destination folder by holding Command + Option + V. (Pressing Command + V will merely create another copy into the destination folder.)

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