How MS handles their own insights (ACA) vs reconciliation files

Modified on Fri, 04 Aug 2023 at 02:46 PM

 Answer from a MS employee (ticket 6023)

  1. The difference between the amount displayed in your customer's ACA (Azure Cost Analysis) tool (738.43 EUR) & the amount shown in your recon file for invoice ID: G020072215 (1,317.27 EUR). 
  • After downloading the usage for invoice ID: G020072215 & after filtering said file using the following filters (customer: CRV Holding B.V. | resource: Firewall - Standard), I was able to conclude that there are 2 Firewall resources running under 2 subscriptions. 
  • The subscriptions are (subscription ID: 0118bece-ba59-42ab-b660-ab038d43575d - Display Name: CRV-DTAP-Cloud-IaaS ||| subscription ID: eca14777-fac5-4122-b1db-2b42fc82716b - Display Name: CRV-HUB). 
  • The recon file will always combine the charges for the same resources belonging to one customer (regardless of if there are multiple of the same resources running under different subscriptions), while the filter shown in the screenshot ACA tool will display for only 1 out of the 2 subscriptions. 
   In short, the Firewall resource for one subscription is estimated at 738.43 EUR, while the Firewall resource for the recon file takes into consideration both subscriptions, and is finalized/calculated to 1,317.27 EUR.      
  1. For future reference, what the customer sees in the ACA tool may differ from what the Partner sees: 
  • The customer's ACA tool does not consider the PEC (Partner-Earned Credits) belonging to the CSP. 
  • The recon file for any invoice will combine the same resources belonging to one customer under 1 charge, even if the customer has multiple subscription running said resource in smaller dosages. 
  • The ACA tool is not a 100% accurate tool to predict the final charge needed to be paid (it provides close estimates, but never the exact amount), and for the exact amount a CSP is able to confirm via downloading the recon file for an invoice. 
  • If a CSP wants to calculate the costs for any resource, then they should also review their CSP Price sheet. 
     In conclusion, the customer during February had 2 Firewall resources running - the screenshot provided in your email showcases the ACA tool filtering for only 1 resource.  
  • Kindly confirm if you have any questions regarding this answer. 
  • If you wish to discuss the topic verbally, then please let me know when I can call you & I would be happy to contact you at your preferred timeslot. 
  • If no questions remain, then please confirm if I am allowed to proceed with case closure. 

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