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Modified on Wed, 12 Oct 2022 at 11:47 AM

Apparently there was a bug in the check last month regarding what purchases are considered "finished".

A purchase will go from "editable" to the "finished" status, where you can only view the purchase and change the end date instead of editing everything and/or deleting the purchase, at the moment all the invoices that the purchase should appear on move from the Open status to the Closed or Approved status. In short: a purchase will receive the finished status when the invoice(s) it is on receive the finished status. Due to the bug that appeared, the check on what purchases should receive the finished status was not carried out correctly.

The bug has since been resolved. However, the check is only performed when an invoice moves from the Open status to the Closed or Approved status. Because of this, there is a temporary change that will allow the check to be performed for all purchases of last month as well when this months invoices are Closed or Approved. This entails that these purchases will be moved to the finished status at the next billing run and will then not be able to change anymore.

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